As Seen By Jim Bob Fuller

Step into the captivating world of Jim Bob Fuller, a Texan-turned-Aussie forager extraordinaire and the ingenious mind behind Fable's mushroom-based delights. His trusted Opinel No. 7, a weathered companion exuding charisma, whispers tales of tradition, elegance, and boundless charm in three enchanting words.


Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I'm Jim, born and raised in Texas and became an Aussie this year after living here for 15 years. I've been a mushroom scientist and forager for 18 years. I Co-Founded a mushroom-based meat company called Fable to replicate my cultural heritage food, Texas BBQ, with mushrooms in 2019.


What is your first memory of Opinel?

Foraging in salt point state park with one of my first hunting buddies, he showed me his mushroom knife which was Opinel. He showed me the features like the ridges on the back of the blade for removing caked-on mud and forest material, the curved blade which made cleaning around the base really efficient with minimal loss of clean mushroom material and also for those that needed peeling-like slippery jacks. The coolest thing was the simple locking mechanism which kept the knife closed in your pocket and open in your hand.


For many people, Opinel is synonymous with tradition and expertise. What are the values that Opinel conveys to you?

I've travelled around the states and Europe and Australia, hunting mushrooms everywhere, and Opinel was the knife that showed up most often amongst foragers. I think most people who get into foraging see the experts, the people who "have always done this" and realise that they know a thing or two, so when they carry an Opinel (opi is a term I've heard several times in Australia) that then becomes aspirational for new foragers to properly accessorise with the right kit.



If you had to choose just one, what would be your Opinel knife of choice?

Because I'm a forager, the Opinel No.8 mushroom knife is high up in my tackle box but check out the photo I've attached, and it's clear that the all-rounder Opi no. 7 (check out that organic buildup, and the blade still sharp AF) gets the most use from me year round.


Opinel in three words?

Simple, dependable, elegant


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