Perpetue Cutlery Collection

Discover the new collection Perpétue, composed of four stainless steel tableware items, dishwasher safe.


The story

With the help of design studio BIG GAME, we have gone back to our brand's roots. Perhaps we should say "our family roots", as our homage is to Perpétue (1813-1858), grandmother of company founder Joseph Opinel.

Working alongside her husband, Victor-Amédée, Perpétue forged nails in Savoy, in the heart of the French Alps. One could imagine she appreciated objects with a simple, timeless aesthetic, sturdy and durable...



Perpétue, Opinel cutlery is making a comeback!

The collection includes 4 one-piece, steel tableware items.The knife, with its full, curved and comfortable handle and resistant, efficient micro-serrated blade; the fork, the spoon and the teaspoon, all with elegant lines.

The perfect cutlery to accompany Opinel's knife sets and lay a coordinated table.


A Perpétue table knife – Opinel tradition combined with contemporary design.

This knife has a full handle, rounded and curved, and is a little heavier than the knives of other Opinel collections, due to their stainless steel construction. The X20Cr13 steel employed for this knife is martensitic stainless steel, recommended for manufacturing blades highly resistant to corrosion. The sloped handle is reminiscent of the design of Opinel knives. Perpétue collection knives are dishwasher-safe.

Inspired by the Yatagan design, the blade is micro-serrated and requires no sharpening. The fine micro-denture allows you to gently slice through food without tearing. The toothing ensures that its performance is maintained over time. They are equally suitable for helping you to slice meat, vegetables or any other traditional food requiring no specific blade.



Perpétue forks are stylish, practical and essential.

These 100% stainless steel forks are very easy to maintain. Their design is a fusion of contemporary, modern and classic and the reflections from the stainless steel used to make them are sure to enhance your table.  At the handle's base is the unmistakable Crowned Hand seal, the identifying mark of the Opinel brand.

Made from  X5CrNi18-10 steel, it offers a pleasant, comfortable grip and is dishwasher-safe. It is an essential accessory matching all Opinel knife ranges.



The Perpétue teaspoon

This small, sleek 100% stainless steel teaspoon is very easy to clean.

The steel composition offers a comfortable, pleasant grip and makes it dishwasher-safe. The sloped handle bears the Crowned Hand seal.

It is an essential item for lovers of beautiful table settings and will make a stunning impression alongside other cutlery items from the Perpétue collection.


The Perpétue spoon, simple and timeless.

This spoon will quickly become an essential element in coordinating your tableware with others from the Perpétue range or the Opinel collection.

Its stainless steel construction gives it a pleasant, comfortable grip and makes it dishwater-safe. The sloped handle bears the Crowned Hand seal.

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