Festive table decorations

The festive season is approaching and the question on everyone's lips is..
"How shall I decorate my Christmas table?"
Table decoration ideas from photo stylist Frédérique Thon-Bancal.
Photos Aurélie Jeannette.


Create a bright and natural festive table

A festive table inspired by the beauty of the mountains – You can do it! 

Wood represents warmth, blue represents the colour of the lakes and sky, green for the forest, white evokes the snow and not forgetting dashes of soft pink for the colour of the setting sun. 




Wood is a natural material that brings character and authenticity to the table. So if you have a wooden table, there's no need to cover it. This will also allow contact with the soft warm material.

The ice-blue stoneware plates match the warm, delicate dishes of the festive season perfectly. 

The white linen napkins are like canvases delicately decorated with thistle and snowberry flowers. 

 Can you see this lovely glassware?

The cut glassware reflects the light of the festive season like a glacier reflects the sun's rays.

And the cutlery...?

Both authentic and elegant, the Opinel cutlery has been carefully selected... What better surface to make your guests' eyes sparkle than shiny steel?



Add a touch of originality to your table!

 Why not arrange plaited grey-green branches spiked with flowers?

Alpine blue thistle, pink serrurias with delicate petals, white Billy buttons like light snowflakes scattered here and there...

Something to give you a few ideas to wow your guests. And a bit of fun!


And don't forget the little splash of colour: pink, purple, yellow... the choice is yours! It's important to create contrast with the very wintry colours. 


Perpétue all-steel cutlery

For this festive table, spoons and forks from the Perpétue collection will dress the table and add a touch of sparkle. Perpétue Opinel was the grandmother of the brand's founder, Joseph Opinel. This collection, which pays tribute to the family, will look just right on an inviting festive table.

You can use the Perpétue dessert forks and spoons for the starters and desserts. They bring modern style and elegance to the table.

The classic fork and spoon are the natural choice for the main course.



Not forgetting the Facette range...

Multi-faceted table knives to accompany the Perpétue cutlery.

Four handles in different woods and material – natural woods with ash and olive, a stabilised wood with dark ash, and a VittEr eco-material made of compressed paper with white.

And the blades? A smooth, full tang 11-cm stainless steel blade.



A table that evokes both the outdoors and the indoors, representing both cold winter evenings and the warmth of home. You now have everything you need to create a festive table that's elegant, natural and soft.


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