How to retighten the Virobloc® safety ring on your Opinel knife

The safety ring on your Opinel knife occasionally becomes loose and needs to be tightened. In the article below, we’ll teach you how to adjust it so it regains its safety functionality.


To perform maintenance on your security ring, you’ll need to have a few items:

  • circlip pliers
  • a hammer
  • a cloth, regular or microfiber
  • Edible oil (canola, grape or sunflower oil). Avoid olive oil, which is a fatty oil that may leave a sticky residue on the knife.


Step One.

Take the knife in your hand with the blade closed. Insert the two tips of the pliers into the opening of the safety ring to grip it.

Step Two.

Once the safety ring is gripped, spread the clamp apart so that the Virobloc loosens. Using an upward motion, gently remove the ring.

Step Three.

Remove the safety ring, then tap it lightly with a hammer to tighten its diameter.

Step Four.

Take a cloth to clean the inside of the safety ring so no residue remains. As in the first step, insert the pliers into the opening of the ring to grasp it.

Step Five.

Take your knife and clean the fixed ring with the cloth. Then put a few drops of edible oil on the cloth and rub it onto the fixed ring to oil it and guarantee a better glide when you put the rotating ring back on.

Step Six.

Take your Virobloc safety ring and insert it onto the knife in its original location.

Here's a tip.

To orient yourself and make sure you put the ring on the correct way, make sure the safety notch faces down.


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