How to maintain your knife handle

If you want your knife to last, you need to look after it properly. This involves more than just maintaining the blade.

Wooden handles

Wood Handle

It’s important to look after wooden handles to prevent problems like deterioration, mould and cracks.

1) Clean the handle with warm water to remove any muck.

2) Dry the handle carefully.
Leave it to air-dry completely so the moisture can evaporate from the wood.

3) The third and final step is key to protecting the wood and keeping it in good condition.

Use a dry cloth to apply some nourishing linseed oil to the handle. Leave it to dry for a few hours before using your knife again.

*For padauk wood handles, we recommend limiting exposure to UV. Light can affect this wood’s condition and make it go pale.


Coloured wood handles

coloured wooden handles

To stop the colour fading, don’t put your knife in the dishwasher and limit its contact with water.
Polymer handles

Polymer Handles

Polymer handles are designed to cope well with water, so can go in the dishwasher. We suggest you don’t leave your knife in the sun as the colour could fade over time. It's best to store your knife in a drawer to protect it from UV.
Cleaning the inside of your handle

Cleaning your Opinel Handle

As you use your knife, you may find the inside accumulates dust, dirt and other muck. We suggest you clean inside the blade setting with sandpaper folded in half (or a compressed air blower).

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