Pollinium : Bees' visitation in Opinel

Meet Dominique. 

Some hives for Opinel
 Surname : Parriaud
Name : Dominique
City : Villefranche-sur-Saône
Country : France
Occupation : Operations Manager of Opinel

Pollinium supports companies in their environmental approach in an original and symbolic way, by installing and maintaining hives on their sites.


What are your organisation’s main principles and concepts?

Our concept is based on installing and maintaining hives for companies. This simple action, but strong in terms of environmental impact, enables us to promote our business both with corporate teams and external partners. It also brings about a general awareness of the need to protect our environment.


What services do you offer?

There are many. We install and care for hives and swarms throughout the year. We provide honey jars with customised labels for each of our customers. Communication tools are also available for them to use. The hive can be painted in the company colours with a game to vote for the best honey jar labels and there is a small quarterly newsletter sent out called "Le Butineur". We also offer various presentations and conferences on topics about the life of the bee, its role in maintaining biodiversity as well as beekeeping in general ... 


 Where did you get the idea to install hives within companies? 

 I wanted to create a reliable activity for sustainable development within a business and to involve as many people as possible in protecting our environment. My passion for the world of bees and its strong resonance in human society did the rest. 



How long have you been working with Opinel?

Our collaboration began in the spring of 2016 and we’ve set up four hives.


Do you find choosing to use your company to install hives is a surprising choice or consistent with the image that reflects the brand?

This choice is very consistent for a brand that combines tradition and modernism on the one hand and an extremely professional approach on the other. In addition, Opinel products have always been connected with nature. And then, it occurred to me that the founder of the brand, Joseph Opinel, was himself a beekeeper and that the company had a time making blades to uncap frames ... Coming back to the bees, they are the roots of Opinel's story!


How can installing a hive help raise awareness and encourage biodiversity?

Installing an apiary in a company is always a cause of surprise. It's an extraordinary investment. This surprise leads each individual to reflect on why this approach is being taken, making them more aware of the importance of protecting the environment on an individual basis or as a group, if they hadn't done so already. Preserving biodiversity and protecting bees that have been heavily abused by excessive productivity is essential for mankind. Each person must be conscious in their own way of all the little day-to-day actions that will allow future generations to benefit from a better environment. Installing hives in companies works as a catalyst to create this awareness.



How can installing hives on their premises add value for Opinel?

 Beyond answers mentioned in the previous question, the presence of an apiary on the Opinel site is a source of unity for the team (the idea of preserving biodiversity and the world of tomorrow is unanimously shared) and something for employees to be proud of. This project carries real meaning and therefore contributes to motivating the team. Few companies have such a strong commitment. Opinel is therefore a precursor in this area and an example to follow.

What do you generally think about Opinel?

Opinel is a flagship for the industry in the Savoie. Their little knife is known around the world and the fact that they sell over 4 million products each year doesn’t happen by chance! I'm sure that all beekeepers have one in their pocket ... Working with such a renowned company is a real honour for us.


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