As Seen By Elijah Holland

Introducing the captivating Elijah Holland: a culinary virtuoso and untamed wild food aficionado, forever entwined with the allure of Opinel.

From the moment a friend bestowed upon him this emblem of exploration in 2014, Elijah's world burst into a symphony of foraged flavours. His Opinel pick? The elegant carbon steel classic - a whisper-thin blade that conducts his culinary escapades with finesse.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m a chef and wild food enthusiast who loves the thrill of anything to do with nature & keeping myself busy and constantly challenged, it’s all about that adventurous lifestyle, don’t stop getting inspired!



What is your first memory of Opinel?

My first memory is being gifted an Opinel knife from my mate Bojan to get out and use it for foraging for wild plants and herbs, flowers mushrooms and lots more, this was back in 2014!

(One of my best mates and old business partner/chef and mentor)


For many people, Opinel is synonymous with tradition and expertise. What are the values that Opinel conveys to you?

The quality and marksmanship of the product are the reason why Opinel has been a knife that has popped up for me to use as a day-to-day knife to steak knives, gifts and more a very well-rounded business model that hasn’t stopped at just one style and design of the knife, for me which is synonymous with challenging yourself in your journey of life and careers.


If you had to choose just one, what would be your Opinel knife of choice?

I think it would be the classic carbon steel Opinel! I like the thinner string blade and it’s easier to keep sharper!


Opinel in three words?

Take me anywhere!



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