Why buy a Santoku knife - the kitchen essential?

The characteristics of the Santoku knife


Follow our advice on using your Santoku knife safely and efficiently, whether you are cutting vegetables, chopping meat or slicing fish.

The Santoku knife is a versatile tool that is highly prized in the culinary world. Appreciated for its stainless steel blade, full tang and ergonomic grip, the Santoku knife is the ideal tool for cutting and slicing all types of food.

The history of this knife goes back to the origins of Japanese cuisine. Known for its elegance and precision, the Santoku knife has gained popularity in kitchens all over the world for its efficiency and durability. The Santoku knife is particularly useful for cutting and chopping vegetables, fruit and meat, and can also be used to slice fish. Its Japanese name refers to its "three virtues" or main uses: cutting, slicing and chopping.



Santoku - Intempora

The Intempora collection offers an efficient cutting and slicing tool. With its rigid, stable 3 mm thick blade, cuts are precise and made easier by the continuous cutting edge.

In addition, the wide, 17 cm long blade allows the cut pieces to be easily transferred to the container. The shaped handle offers a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue, even over prolonged use.

The dimples on the blade ensure that the cut food does not stick to the blade. Choosing the Intempora collection will ensure increased confidence and agility when cooking.


Santoku - Les Forgés 1890

The design of this knife is perfect for fast efficient cutting. It is ideal for finely chopping, slicing or dicing carrots, courgettes and other vegetables. The beech handle of this tool is unvarnished and comes from a sustainably managed forest. In addition, it has been stabilised to ensure optimum water resistance.

Its ergonomic profile is a tribute to the traditional pocket knife, and offers a remarkably comfortable and practical grip.



Santoku - Parallèle

To guarantee precise cutting adapted to every type of food, Opinel has carefully selected 8 blades with optimised profiles.

The 17 cm long blade is rigid and stable for efficient cutting. In addition, the wooden handle is varnished to provide protection from moisture and soiling.

Finally, it is important to note that this knife is customisable to your preferences and needs.



In short, the Santoku knife is a versatile and efficient cutting tool, offering remarkable precision and ease of cutting thanks to its dimpled blade, great stability and ergonomic handle. An ideal choice for the demanding cooks, looking for a professional quality tool.

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