The Cook’s Guide to Kitchen Essentials

Preparing good meals starts with being well-equipped in the kitchen.

Recipes often require prep steps like cutting, peeling, slicing, pitting, mincing and chopping before we get to the fun part of combining everything. Often referred to as the workhorses of the kitchen, our small essential knives are ideal for all these prep steps!


The Paring Knife

If there was only one knife we’d consider a must-have in the kitchen, it’s the paring knife. 

Smaller and shorter than a chef knife, paring knives come in handy for chopping up fruits and small vegetables like mushrooms. In the absence of a peeler, a paring knife is great at doing double duty on those apples ready to be baked into a pie.  

This multi-purpose knife has a smooth 4 inch blade that ensures a perfect and precise cut. The varnished beech wood handle protects against moisture and dirt, making it a durable and long-lasting product.

Paring Knife


The Vegetable Knife


Also known as a bird’s beak for the unique shape that resembles a - you guessed it - bird’s beak, the vegetable knife is often used for a lot of the same tasks as a paring knife, but performs best off a cutting board.  

The unique curved blade makes it more agile, ideal for slicing into soft fruits like nectarines or peaches, and makes quick work of hulling strawberries. The knife’s 3 inch blade guarantees a precise cut, and features a scraping back to gently remove blemishes from fruits and vegetables. 

Vegetable Knife


The Peeler


Just as the name indicates, this kitchen utensil will come in handy for peeling fruits and vegetables. Saving time during prep work, a dedicated peeler is a practical addition for shedding the skins of various produce in your kitchen.

The stationery blade allows for rapid and effective peeling. The pointed end of the 2.5 inch blade is used to remove eyes and blemishes from produce, and the handle was designed with both right and left-handed users in mind.



The Serrated Paring Knife


With an evenly serrated edge, the serrated paring knife is one you’ll want to keep within easy reach. 

Guaranteeing a high quality cut, the serrated paring knife makes quick work of slicing through the rough skins of citrus fruits, the delicate flesh of tomatoes, and is ideal for cured sausages like salami. 

This versatile knife has an evenly serrated 4 inch blade that ensures a precise cut and low maintenance. The varnished beech wood handle protects against moisture and dirt, making it a durable and long-lasting product. 

Serrated Paring Knife

Discover the Essentials Small Kitchen Sets, which include a paring knife, a peeler, a vegetable knife and a serrated knife. These essential knives, which are available in several colours, will make your life easier in the kitchen!

Essential Small Kitchen Sets

Essential Small Kitchen Sets

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