Father's Day Gift Guide

Unveiling Thoughtful Tokens: Opinel's Father's Day Gift Guide


Father's Day approaches, and the quest for the perfect gift begins. Explore our curated selection and helpful suggestions to find that ideal present! From versatile pocket knives to gardening tools and kitchen essentials, Opinel products stand by him through every endeavour. For an extra touch of uniqueness, explore our customisable knife options.


Picnic+: The Ultimate Nomadic Dining Set, an Ideal Gift!

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This comprehensive package includes:

  • A No. 08 knife
  • Dual inserts: fork and spoon, attachable to the No. 08 knife
  • Microfiber towel case, serving as storage and cleaning accessory

Crafted from stainless steel, the inserts ensure an enjoyable and sanitary dining experience. Perfect for N°08 knives with wooden handles and the Virobloc safety ring introduced in 2000.


Tradition Collection - pocket knives

N°08 Black Oak

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The Opinel Icon Reimagined: Introducing the Black Edition Knife.

Featuring a striking BLACK blade and ring achieved through a unique electrolytic bath treatment, enhancing corrosion resistance (food-contact compliant). The oak handle sourced from French forests boasts a glossy finish. Experience exceptional cutting precision with this knife, supported by the safety ring for risk-free work.

An exquisite design, an indelible gift...


Colorama Collection

N°08 Bushwhacker Dark Brown

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Its perforated handle and lanyard hole offer convenient hanging options. The stainless steel blade ensures excellent corrosion resistance, while the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip. The Virobloc® safety system secures the blade in both open and closed positions.


N°08 Outdoor Orange

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Boasting a robust 2.5mm thick blade, it features a 3.5cm serration designed for effortless cutting of natural and synthetic ropes, accompanied by a shackle key suitable for 4 to 10mm shackles. The handle, resistant to water and extreme temperatures, also incorporates a built-in whistle for added functionality.


N°12 Explore Tick Remover

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This new model has all the features of the N°12 Explore:

- An efficient, short and sturdy stainless steel blade

- A fibreglass-reinforced polymer handle: hardwearing and comfortable

- A whistle that can sound at 110dB, to signal or call for help

- An easy-to-clean cutting hook for the game

- A tick remover: an effective and safe tool for removing ticks from animals and humans, important for preventing Lyme disease

N°09 DIY Grey

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Presenting the N°09 DIY Grey, the intelligent utility knife indispensable in your toolbox, vehicle, and workplace.

Its remarkably sturdy blade comes complete with a wire cutter (up to 5mm cable diameter) and a wire stripper (up to 1.8mm cable diameter). The handle boasts dual screwdriver tips for added versatility.


Nomad Cooking

N°10 Corkscrew

Elevate your picnics by ensuring effortless wine bottle opening and savouring responsibly.

Introducing a corkscrew of professional calibre: crafted with five spirals from hardened stainless steel.


N°09 Oysters

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The oyster knife for shellfish lovers

With its short and pointed blade, which is only sharp at the point, this pocket oyster knife is effective at opening cupped and flat oysters. The Padouk handle is moisture-resistant. Take it to the seaside with you or give it as a Christmas gift.



N°12 Saw

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Discover a compact 12cm blade saw that effortlessly trims branches, making it a garden essential. Its versatility extends to outdoor endeavours, proving remarkably convenient and effective. The N°18 Saw tackles branches up to 8cm in diameter with ease.


N°08 Garden

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A must-have for weeding, lettuce, and dandelion picking, this tool boasts a pointed tip and strengthened blade, making it an essential garden companion.

Crafted with an 8.5cm stainless steel blade and a comfortable beech wood handle, its precision and comfort shine through.


Kitchen Collection

Chef's Knife - Les Forgés 1890

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Steadfast and unwavering. Effortlessly slice and dice herbs, onions, and more with a rhythmic rocking motion.

Transform fruits and vegetables into elegant strips or precise dice. Crush garlic or tenderize meat escalopes with finesse.

Its elevated blade facilitates seamless ingredient transfer into containers, simplifying your culinary endeavours.


N°219 Santoku Intempora

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Versatile and durable, the Santoku knife excels in chopping and slicing, particularly adept at preparing fish and shellfish.

Boasting a 3mm thick full-tang blade seamlessly integrated into the handle's entire length, this knife strikes a harmonious balance between robustness and equilibrium. After precision cutting, the broad blade efficiently gathers the prepped ingredients from the cutting board.

Les Essentiels + Trio Set

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Indispensable trio for daily culinary adventures.

Efficient, ergonomic, and supremely manageable, the Les Essentiels + Trio Set comprises a paring knife, a serrated knife, and a peeler. Vibrantly hued polymer handles add a touch of cheer, dishwasher-safe for convenience.

Crafted from stainless steel, the blades marry corrosion resistance with impeccable cutting prowess and enduring durability.

Elevate your cooking experience into a true delight with this essential ensemble.


Still searching for the perfect fit? Explore our collection further. Opinel presents an extensive array of knives, each versatile, distinctive, and perpetually practical.
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