Cooking with your child

Find out how to use our child-friendly set to make easy and fun recipes


Cooking with your child is a fun and educational activity that stimulates the child's personal growth. At the same time, safety in the kitchen is paramount, especially when it comes to handling knives and sharp utensils. This is where Opinel's Petit Chef set, designed especially for children, comes in. In this article, we will discover how to use this set to introduce children to the kitchen safely.


Why teach children to cook?

Cooking is a very rewarding activity for children, not only in terms of their health but also for their personal growth.

As they learn to cook, children can also pick up many useful skills for their future lives, such as patience, creativity, hand-eye coordination and the ability to follow instructions.

In addition, cooking with your child is a great opportunity to spend quality time together and share unforgettable family moments.


The Petit Chef set

The Petit Chef set, made in France, has been specially designed to be easy and safe for children to handle. The knife, for example, has an educational safety ring that prevents the child's hand from slipping over the blade. The finger-guard also plays an important role in keeping the child's hand away from the blade when cutting. The peeler also has a guide-ring to position the finger so as to avoid cuts. With this set, children can learn to use real kitchen utensils safely and develop their confidence. Please note that we strongly recommend adult supervision when using this set.





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