A Parent and Educator review of Le Petit Chef Kids Cutlery

We've been longtime fans of Kelsey's work as an educator, mother and content creator. We first noticed her when she introduced our Le Petit Chef kids knives to her lovely daughters. We liked her approach so much that, last summer, we decided to partner on a video. Today, we are happy to share her feedback after using our Kids cutlery for years.

By Kelsey King • @WholeHealthyFamilies

You’ve been asking for years, and today I’m finally sharing the deets on my favourite kids knife: the Le Petit Chef knife 🔪🥒👧

Le Petit Chef Kelsey King Families who cookKelsey King Opinel Le Petit Chef

To say I love this knife is an understatement, because the truth is I’m OBSESSED and have been for a long time.

I’ve collected many children’s knives over the years, and the Opinel Le Petit chef knife is the one my kids reach for every single day!

Unlike most kid’s knives out there, Le Petit Chef is actually sharp. This might surprise you, but sharp knives are significantly safer than dull ones. That’s because the sharper your blade, the less downward force your child has to use. The key is to teach them to keep their fingers out of the way…

Le Petit Chef by Kelsey King

Le Petit Chef comes with a separate finger guard for the non-knife hand, which is a great tool for teaching proper form and ensuring your little one’s fingers stay safe while they learn. The knife also has a built-in loop hole to guide your child’s finger placement and keep their hand from slipping. 🍓🍌🍏


Le petit chef finger guard by Kelsey KingLe petit chef finger guard by Kelsey King

I understand that handing over a sharp knife to your child can be scary, but they really do learn quickly. I always recommend supervising your child, especially while they’re learning. Cuts are bound to happen (even for us as adults!), and when they do, stay calm and keep your attitude positive. You can say something like:

“Oops! That’s okay. I’ve cut myself with a knife before, too. Let’s get you bandaged up. Would you like to try again now or another day?”

Le Petit Chef is also gorgeous, well-made, and has lasted years of daily use in my kitchen with little wear and tear. It’s definitely worth the higher price point than other kids knives, in my opinion.

Le Petit Chef by Kelsey King

I recommend this knife for children ages 5 to 10.

I know many adults who aren’t confident in their knife skills, which makes me so passionate about teaching kids how to handle knives. It’s a skill that will serve them throughout their lifetime.

Explore Opinel's Le Petit Chef Collection today!

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