A limited edition collaboration from Monbento x Opinel

Unveiling the Monbento x Opinel Limited Edition On-The-Go Meal Kit: Smart, Sustainable, and Stylish

In a world where our lives are constantly on the move, finding ways to enjoy nourishing meals while maintaining a busy schedule has become a modern-day challenge. Introducing the Monbento x Opinel Limited Edition On-The-Go Meal Kit—a remarkable collaboration designed to elevate your mealtime experience. Crafted with a blend of convenience, elegance, and functionality, this meal kit is set to transform the way you dine outdoors.


The Perfect Pairing: Monbento and Opinel

In an exclusive partnership that merges culinary ingenuity with timeless design, Monbento and Opinel have joined forces to create an exceptional on-the-go meal kit. With a shared commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovation, this collaboration promises a seamless blend of form and function. The Monbento x Opinel On-The-Go Meal Kit brings together the best of both brands, offering a holistic solution to your outdoor dining needs.


Unveiling the Components

At the heart of this limited edition meal kit lies a collection of thoughtfully curated items that harmoniously complement each other:

  • MB Original Outdoor Lunch Box: Featuring two airtight containers with a combined capacity of 1L (34 fl oz), the MB Original Outdoor Lunch Box is designed to keep your meals fresh and secure during your journeys. Its ingenious design ensures that you can carry your culinary creations without any leaks or spills, allowing you to enjoy your food as if it were just prepared.
  • Opinel Picnic+ Cutlery Set: The essence of every great meal lies in the tools you use to savour it. The Picnic+ Cutlery Set, which includes fork and spoon attachments, accompanied by a microfiber napkin cloth/carrying case, adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor dining experience. Made to be compatible with all wooden-handled No.08 folding knives equipped with the Virobloc® safety ring (circa 2000), this cutlery set is a testament to Opinel's dedication to versatility and practicality.
  • Limited Edition No.08 Stainless Steel Folding Knife: An exquisite folding knife serves as the centrepiece of this collection. With its striking design printed around the handle, this limited-edition No.08 Folding Knife pays homage to the picturesque mountainous regions of France—the birthplace of both Monbento and Opinel. Beyond its aesthetic charm, the knife offers impeccable functionality, making it an indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike.


Innovative Design, Lasting Durability

The Monbento x Opinel On-The-Go Meal Kit goes beyond just being a collection of items; it's a statement of commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovative design. The unique graphics on the lid of the MB Original Outdoor Lunch Box and the Opinel No.08 Folding Knife handle not only add a touch of artistry but also reflect the shared heritage of these brands. Both brands hail from mountainous regions in France, and this collaboration beautifully encapsulates the essence of their origins.


A Lifestyle Choice: Smart and Sustainable

Choosing the Monbento x Opinel On-The-Go Meal Kit isn't just about acquiring a set of dining tools; it's a conscious decision to embrace a smart and sustainable lifestyle. The airtight containers in the lunch box reduce food wastage by preserving the freshness of your meals, while the durable stainless-steel construction of the folding knife ensures longevity. These elements align perfectly with the growing need to minimise our ecological footprint and adopt more environmentally friendly choices.


Exclusivity Redefined

Exclusivity takes on a new meaning with the Monbento x Opinel On-The-Go Meal Kit. This limited-edition collaboration brings together the best of Monbento's ingenious meal storage solutions and Opinel's renowned knife craftsmanship. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast, an avid traveller, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this meal kit offers an exclusive experience that transcends traditional outdoor dining.


In conclusion, the Monbento x Opinel Limited Edition On-The-Go Meal Kit is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. With its seamlessly integrated components, artistic design, and commitment to sustainability, this meal kit redefines how we approach outdoor dining. It's more than just a collection of tools; it's an embodiment of a lifestyle that values convenience, quality, and style. Elevate your on-the-go meals with the Monbento x Opinel On-The-Go Meal Kit—a blend of elegance and functionality that promises to enhance your culinary adventures.

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